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The Beer

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"
Ben Franklin



Victoria’s Golden Ale
Our lightest ale is made with a blend of pale and wheat malts. This straw colored beer is lightly hopped with German varieties and fermented  at cool temperatures for a crisp finish. (4.5%  abv)


JJ’S Raspberry Wheat
A domestic interpretation of the fruit flavored beers that made Belgium famous.  Very light and crisp with low hop bitterness, this beer gathers its flavor from fresh Raspberries that are used in place of flavoring and aroma hops.    (4.5% ABV)


Hop Train IPA – All aboard!!! Take a delicious trip on this ride of citrus,  fruity, and piney hops. A light malt profile allows the hops to shine through, with


Aldahat Amber- In honor of our dear friend Al Luettchau, it’s a medium-bodied ale that has a nice balance between  caramel malt, which lends the color and body, and U.S. hops, which provide  moderate bitterness and fruitiness. (5.25%)


Beer Street Wheat- Though the recipe is similar to our “Bierstrasse Hefe-Weizen” (the name is translated), this summer refresher is different because it’s fermented by normal ale yeast so it doesn’t have the banana-clove note. As an unfiltered American-style wheat ale, it’s a true expression of the character of the wheat… like liquid bread! (5.0%)


Bad Boy Oktoberfest- Our award winning and always popular

Märzen-style lager is malty and complex with a smooth texture and a pleasant,

clean and crisp finish. Prost! (6.5%)


Bitting’s Best Bitter Featuring the finest England has to offer.  Floor malted Maris Otter barley and crystal malts give the beer a earthy, mellow, rich, slightly sweet malt charascter.  East Kent Golding hops balance the malt with a moderate bitterness and provide for the disatinctive floral aroma.(5.4% ABV)